Tote Bags

My mother started making these bags for us. She's in her 80s, and her seams are so much better than anything I could produce. While we might occasionally list a bag that is not hand-crafted, they will have their own index title.  These bags are all of a singular nature.  Made with licensed fabric of a fannish nature, they are roughly 14" long, 10" wide, and with a 4" bottom gusset to provide a significant carrying capacity. The handles are are roughly 6" long, so it might not be comfortable to carry this bag over your shoulder.  Each bag is lined with a complimentary color, and the bags are 100% cotton, so can be washed and, therefore, used for grocery shopping.  They're strong enough to carry a few books and are great for craft supplies as well as useful for general shopping to lower your carbon footprint. 

If the listing just shows a swatch of material, figure that the pattern repeats every 4-6 inches, and that it is constructed to conform to the above parameters. Contact us if you want to see an image of the bag itself, or to find out what color the lining is.


While there are limitations to the use of cloth bags now, in the after times, it'll be even more important to go GREEN.