Sizing is as follows for standard, adult unisex tees, which are the default tees in the general category of t-shirts:

S - 34"-36" chest                    XL - 46"-48" chest                      XXXXL - 58"-60" chest

M - 38"-40" chest                    XXL - 50"-52" chest                    XXXXXL - 62"-64" chest

L - 42"-44" chest                    XXXL - 54"-56" chest


Not all shirts are available in all sizes; 30-40% do now come in XXL-XXXXXL, but there are still many manufacturers that only print up to XXL.

 If a shirt is listed as a pre-order, it's actually a special order for something we do not regularly keep in stock. Many of these "pre-order", special order tees are available on other then uni-sex tees. See Special Orders for options and pricing.