Harry Potter

A Note On Availability:

At this time, we are only allowed to sell these Harry Potter Tees on-line.  This doesn't mean that you can't pick one up at a convention we're attending; only that you must pre-order it in advance and request that we bring it to the show for you to pick-up, as we cannot display or sell these shirts at conventions currently. Please order a minimum of 3 weeks before the convention to insure* we have enough time to place the order with the manufacturer.

These designs are available in a standard uni-sex tee, with many also available in the following styles: tank top; v-neck; woman's; junior; youth; toddler; long-sleeve; hoodie; sweatshirt. Not all sizes are available in all extra styles, however. See special orders for estimated pricing, and send an email if you have any questions or wish to order one of these other styles.


* Although we will do our best to have the shirt with us if you request one for show pick-up, we cannot guarantee that the timing will work, as we cannot control the speed in which the manufacturer prints our orders. Should the timing not work, we will ship the shirt after the show at no charge.