POP!s are about the only toys we currently try to stock.  As there are thousands to chose from, we mostly order the television and movie ones. And anything Vegas Golden Knights.  No horror, gaming, music, political, and rarely comic specific figure (but maybe the movie /tv counterpart). While we might have images of some of our POPS, feel free to contact us and ask about any tv/movies ones you are looking for, as I have no idea how up-to-date the offerings here will be compared to our actual stock.

You will also eventually see listings for older (1990s-2000s) action figures, dolls, and maybe even a lego set or two.  A few statues, also.  Any of the older items are most likely one of a kind, or at least very limited in quantity, and will not be replaced, since they are no longer being manufactured. Again, you can always ask if you're looking for something, but we mostly have some old Marvel stock, a scattering of Spawn, DC, and independent comic figures, and then things like The Tick, Speed Racer and the odd Anime character.